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Users of psychedelics have come to know microdosing as a one-trick shot at avoiding what could be a life rocking psychedelic trip. While some people have claimed to have enjoyed a rather deep psychedelic trip on high doses of a particular psychedelic substance, many other people are not so lucky. It often becomes a nightmare even in the daytime as users experience full-on hallucinations that threaten to turn their minds upside down even though it is not real. Many have reported that they saw visions and their perceptions were emboldened to the point of being made so physical that they could touch it or smell it. Do you want to Buy deadhead chemist edibles? Check out Canada mushrooms

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For less experienced users or users with a lower tolerance for a particular psychedelic compound, a microdose is a perfect way to enjoy the benefits of the psychedelic. A microdose is simply a small dose of a particular compound that can be used to enjoy the positive benefits of a drug while not having the more intense effects that can prove to be harrowing. It is also recommended for users who want to spend their day at work with renewed vigor rather than lose time and consciousness. A microdose tends to improve their focus and enhance their cognitive abilities.

Where does this notion come from? It originated from the hub of the world’s biggest creative technicians. As much as there are inventors in that domain so there are lots of experienced psychonauts. Microdosing came out of a desire to enjoy a subtle impact of psychedelics on their frame of mind. It provides the kind of boost that they require to get their important research and creativity done. A microdose is thought to be capable of inducing the benefits of using LSD or even psilocybin while avoiding hallucinations and other intense effects.

Many users tend to go all out to source the material they need, mix in some elements to reduce the potency, and then measure the smallest dose imaginable to avoid an intense trip. Microdose of LSD may either come in liquid form or as a ran among other forms. Measuring a microdose is considered more difficult than simply weighing out a few grams of the undiluted product.

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There is a solution to that dilemma available to all who want to enjoy microdosing. You can now procure a new class of products called the microdosing kit. This package has it all. It comes ready-made with a standard little bottle containing about 100 micrograms (mcgs) of 1P-LSD microdose, a derivative of LSD. Like a regular medical prescription, it comes with specific instructions on how to use and measure certain dose levels. The maximum range of recommended microdose levels is from 7-20 mcgs. This is the dose at which a microdose of LSD is expected to yield positive benefits without any intense psychoactive effect. Above this dose, it is no longer a microdose.

The 1P-LSD is not exactly like LSD. It is what chemists refer to as a pro-drug and it only becomes LSD after conversion within the body. Now, 1P-LSD has been reported to be a watered-down version of LSD at least by about 38% which makes it a perfect substance for a microdose. After all, the whole idea is to experience the less intense effects. However, due to the low strength of this substance, it is within the legitimate requirements specified in Canada whereas regular LSD may be prohibited. Although, it is almost as good as getting to buy LSD Microdose. For the time being, it is still a product being subject to research but it is available in several stores online and in different forms. You can opt to buy LSD gummies or buy LSD edibles online.

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Due to the ready availability of the substance and other psychedelics on several online outlets, it is not surprising that thousands of people are using it either for recreational or medicinal purposes. James Fadiman, a psychologist, and microdosing enthusiast suggested that a scheduled use of microdose in a margin of four days in users showed improved wellbeing, open-mindedness, and increased energy.

The invention of a microdosing kit was to enable the ease of access to psychedelics. Microdelics, the company that manufactures it led by CEO Jerry Martin attributed their actions to the testimony he had with his use of microdose to overcome depression. He used to run a Cannabis dispensary before he took on the task of advocating for a major movement in the direction of plant medicine.

He believes that the use of psychedelics in large doses can be important to treating mental health issues albeit under the strict supervision of an expert. But microdosing had its perks as well. For him, microdosing was what did the trick him as it helped to improve his lifestyle.

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Martin is currently working with Richard Knowles, the head of the Delos psyche research group for a pioneer double-blind research to conduct an intensive study on the impact of microdosing on patients. According to a news release, they stated that they would be conducting eleven different assessments to observe the changes made to anxiety, depression, stress, openness, work burnout, and emotional imbalance. It will be a comprehensive dose-response study to ascertain how these conditions are altered over a study covering months.

He believes that this will further help nations decriminalize psychedelics as they become integrated as a norm to help improve the standard of living of people in a particular environment.

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