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THC vape pen/ THC e-liquid/ Disposable Vape pen Canada

Vaping is more than just a trend now. It is something that’s normalising with each passing day as people are moving away from traditionally-smoked cigarettes. People use vape pens of different types to consume cannabis more healthily.

One of the major reasons behind the popularity of THC Vape Pens is that they are easy to use and they allow you to smoke on-the-go.

What Is Vaping?

Cannabis vaporization, or weed vaping, is a way of smoking that includes warming cannabis concentrates at different temperatures that activate different compounds present in cannabis. The device used in this process is called a vape or vape pen.

It is an electronic cigarette that heats a liquid/wax/flower to produce an inhalable, fog-like fume.

Weed vaping has gotten extraordinarily well known lately as an ever-increasing number of individuals go to this more discrete and more intense type of cannabis consumption.

Although it seems comparable, vaping is not the same as smoking weed since you don't consume your concentrate.

Vaping cannabis is possible in various manners. You can vape THC e-juice using a convenient vaporizer like a pen. You can also use a dab rig to vape cannabis.

There are different methods of smoking cannabis, but vaping is one of the healthiest ways available.

How Does Vaping Work?

Smoking and vaping cannabis are different from each other in many ways. Although there is one common thing, and that is inhaling. Smoking weed includes consuming crude cannabis blossoms, while vaping includes warming cannabis wax, extract or dry herb.

There are different forms of vapes available in the market. The basic difference lies in the form of cannabis used in the vape. There are wax vapes that use stick wax with high potency and high THC levels, then there are e-liquid pens that use oils that have cannabis extracts along with a carrier oil, and lastly, there are vapes that heat the herb directly.

When you breathe in cannabis smoke, you are additionally breathing in the entirety of the harmful compounds like carcinogens.

Although smoking and vaping are different, THC associates with the body the same way during both processes. When THC particles enter the lungs, they are immediately absorbed through the lung layer and passed on into the circulation system.

In no time, these atoms will wind up associating with your body's endocannabinoid framework. This unpredictable framework manages numerous activities, including rest, state of mind, and hunger. No wonder why the most well-known impacts of THC are sleepiness, relaxation, and a hungry belly.

Vaping allows you to consume only the clean concentrates. That is the reason why vaping cannabis has numerous particular well-being benefits over smoking. Moreover, vaping gives you the liberty to control the temperature at which you heat your extract or herb. You can enjoy the herb without the fear of it getting burnt.

Different Types of THC Weed Vape in Canada

Vaporizers are of two major categories: dry herb vaporizers and vape pens. The former is to smoke marijuana flowers, whereas the latter is to consume cannabis concentrates blended with cannabis terpenes and other reducing agents to reduce viscosity and placed in a vape cartridge.

How to Vape?

Get yourself a vape of your choice, fill the heating chamber with the type of extract that particular vape supports and switch it on. Set the temperature as per your choice, wait for a while, and then take a drag.

Cannabis concentrates like THC distillates are heated up, and the terpenes get added to give a better flavour and taste.

Benefits of Vaping

Vaping is better than smoking in many ways. We have listed some of them below:
  • You get to enjoy cannabis without having to inhale harmful compounds
  • Vaping is not as harsh as smoking on your throat as you get the liberty to set the temperature
  • You can avoid sudden hits to your throat as you get to control the pace
  • You can smoke on the go as the vape pens are very portable
  • You can smoke the concentrate of your choice
  • You can even smoke other herbs like basil, ginger, blue lotus, etc
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