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  1. Excellent potency and strength at a great price 🙂 Start low and go slow, even with experienced users Golden Teachers can be intense!

  2. Very good weed just like Bob’s. Good taste and very good buzz WoW

  3. 5 MEO is my #1 preferred experience ever. Period. I’ve found zero negative side effects or hangover. It incurs a significant internal chemical change that I find helps alot with pain (I have spinal damage) and depression. The mental effects are fantastic as well I find it more calming and in low doses less psychoactive then DMT. If you appreciate mind expanding drugs this is a must try.

  4. I have done mushrooms dozens of times this was next level hold it in as long as you can and blast off !!!

  5. So excited! Skeptic Al but excited ordered a few diffrent products for new experiences with my true self we shall see! I’m hopeful and so far so good! Similar to another site I use so great!